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Staff exchange: Finnish way of building FTTH-networks

Portugese and Slovenian delegation stayed in Kauhajoki after the conference and continued to dig themselves deeper into Finnish way of building FTTH-networks.

After a relaxing weekend of exploring the region, they got full information package of Suupohja FTTH-network. These guys have their background in technical side so they had lot of questions about operational, technical and funding aspects as well universal service issues and other national policies. For example, the universal service allows telcos to deliver it wirelessly which has together with pricing issues led to the disappearance of copper networks. Kauhajoki part ended with a visit to village called Luomankylä where Suupohja FTTH-network was being built. The method of trenching the cable directly to the ground without digging any ducts seems to be unfamiliar outside of Nordic countries. Also the structure of Finnish soil and its softness was a surprise for the visitors.

After Kauhajoki, the staff exchange delegation headed to Tuuri to visit network co-operative Kuuskaista. Systems administrator Joona Keisala gave a short lecture on how the networks are being planned and monitored. He also introduced the data center located in Tuuri. Esa-Matti Åkerberg talked about current and future steps and visions of the network. The tour around Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia ended in Vaasa where regional commercial telco Anvia introduced its business and network. The visitors gave Anvia representative Jari Nikko some tough questions about their technical solutions as well as their attitude towards open access regional networks.

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