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12th Peer Review

S3 Platform and the Federal State of Brandenburg organised 12th Peer Review on 5-6 November 2013 in Potsdam, Germany. During this workshop, the following five regions presented their current work on RIS3

(Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation): Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany), Greater Manchester (United Kingdom), Mazovia (Poland) and Prague (Czech Republic). The other workshop participants acted as 'critical friends' and discussed the strategies of the five regions under review. All five regions had a number of shared challenges in their RIS3 and these were discussed widely during the peer review. More information about the event can be found from s3platform.jrc.ec.europa.eu/12th-peer-review-5-6-november-2013-potsdam

In addition to the participants from the reviewed regions, there was a panel of experts discussing how to link the innovation potentials of metropolis and their peripheries. One of the experts was Anne-Mari Leppinen from ENGAGE. Her task was to give ICT-related insights for the workshop discussions. In her presentation she presented the Suupohja way of building FTTH-networks and also talked about ENGAGE and especially manifesto as a tool to enable rural regions get their fibre infra.

As a conclusion she mentioned in the summary session that all the strategies presented in Potsdam were very good and impressive but it must be kept in mind that all future plans in every sector will be worth nothing if there is no fibre infra in the region. It should never be taken as a granted that it will be there.

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