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Irish delegation to South Ostrobothnia Irish delegation to South Ostrobothnia Irish delegation to South Ostrobothnia

Irish delegation to South Ostrobothnia

Elina Koivisto (left), Aatu Samppala, Anne-Mari ...


Irish delegation to South Ostrobothnia

Irish staff exchange delegation learning about ...


Irish delegation to South Ostrobothnia

Colm McColgan and Geoffrey Browne looking at ...


Irish delegation to South Ostrobothnia

Colm McColgan and Geoffrey Browne arrived to South Ostrobothnia in the beginning of July.

The week was scheduled into three different parts. Day one they were given information about the broadband situation in Suupohja region. They learnt about the history and reasons why Suupohja’s municipalities decided to start building their own network. The day also included knowledge about the company structure, finance, daily operational activities, building as well as future visions. One big benefit of the FTTH-network is the use of video conference devices. The visitors took part in a virtual meeting where a local entrepreneur told what kind of benefits he gains from the network. For example he has everything (files, software etc.) in servers in the premises of local ICT-company instead of his own company premises. FTTH-network allows him to use them as they were physically in the same building because there is very little latency and the speed is fast, symmetrical and reliable.

Day number two was dedicated to co-operative Kuuskaista where they learnt about a slightly different approach on how to build open access network. They were also given a brief demonstration regarding the design and maintenance software. In the end of the day they got a opportunity to witness and take part in big cultural event called Finnish Tango Festival in Seinäjoki. It is where people around the country get together and dance tango in the streets for four days!

The last day of staff exchange started with a visit to Seinäjoki Region Business Service Center where the CEO and sector manager gave very interesting presentation about the strongest will in Finland and other characteristics of South Ostrobothnian people. In the afternoon the delegation visited regional commercial telco called Anvia. The head quarter is located in Vaasa where Jari Nikko told the visitors about Anvia and its over 100 years long history. He also presented the current and future actions regarding the broadband building. Anvia builds a lot of fibre connections but it also uses coaxial cable and its upgraded cable TV network for HSB delivery. The day ended with a visit to Anvia’s surveillance department where the visitors saw how Anvia monitors its network 24/7, how the monitoring has developed and will further be improved.

During this week the staff exchange students learnt about three different ways of building networks: municipality owned open access, co-operative owned open access and traditional telco. This exchange was also a good practice on how to survive five days without your luggage! Colm never got his bags…

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