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ENGAGE attended annual FTTH Conference organized by Fibre to the Home Council Europe. This year it was in Stockholm where over 3000 attendees gathered to get the latest news about fibre networks.

The special topics were Sweden and the Nordics as a showcase of the positive effects of FTTH, Fibre-enabled services like eHealth, care for elderly people, eGovernment and new ways of working, Financing of FTTH networks, Marketing of FTTH networks and take-rates, The role of FTTH in smart cities and smart regions and Innovative solutions for fibre networks.

ENGAGE had a stand there where Anne-Mari Leppinen and Gaelle Rousseau demonstrated the best practices and spread the word about manifesto. The stand was located near to Swedish, Finnish and UK regional networks so there were a lot of interested visitors. Some were for ex. planning or building HSB networks in their regions so there were many potential regions to cooperate with in future. Leppinen also attended one workshop and one panel. The workshop dealt with “Considerations to Secure the Value of Your Fibre Networks on the Long-Term” where she presented the Suupohja FTTH network.

The panel had a topic “Can Regulation Create a Connected Continent?” which addressed the direction of regulation and public policy as it concerns Fibre to the Home from a European and global point of view. The other members in the panel were MEP Amelia Andersdotter, Dr Hideyuki Iwata, Anna Krzyzanowska and Bertrand Vandeputte. There was very live discussion between Parliament and Commission added with real experiences from France, ENGAGE partner regions and Japan.


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