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Nièvre Numérique

Nièvre Numérique
Nièvre Numérique is in charge of the broadband network for the county (département) of the Nièvre in France.This network combines a 570 km optic fibre backbone with Wimax technology and satellite solutions which guarantee:

  • A high performance public service (2Mbtsto for more than 98% of the population) neutrality (it welcomes all providers) and balance between rural and urban areas

So as to better control the cost of the deployment of our Network, Nièvre Numérique:

  • has pioneered the installation of optic fibre cables on electricity poles (HT-A). With this experiment 90% of the civil engineering costs can be saved. Nièvre Numériqu was the first public body in France to implement this solution.
  • has established one of the first WiMax networks in France, relating both to the number of Base Stations points as well as the surface area coverage.

Nièvre Numérique delegated the responsibility for building the network and subsequently marketing it to all internet providers, to a subsidiary company (Axione/ETDE group). Niverlan has significant experience in the creation and operation of Private/Public Partnerships. Nièvre Numérique was created in October 2006 by the Nièvre County Council and the Council of the Nevers Urban Area in order to carry out the local public service of electronic communications within their territories. Together with the Prefecture and the Burgundy Region, it defines and implements both local and regional policies. Within the framework of the national high speed broadband deployment plan, each French Regional Authority has to write a digital development schedule. Niverlan has been put in charge of this project by the Burgundy Regional Council. The aim of this document is to plan all the actions of deployment in order to optimize the investments in NGA Networks. Nièvre Numérique as leader partner will be responsible for overall management and coordination of the ENGAGE project. It will be responsible for the monitoring and control of the incurred expenditure.

Nièvre Numérique
avenue Marceau 7
58002 Nevers

Jean-Dimas Malot
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Clive Peckham
Phone: +33 3 86 61 82 50
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