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Anne-Mari Leppinen

Anne-Mari Leppinen (born in 1978) has BBA degree in International Business and she spezialised in Asian Trade and Culture. She also has a specialist vocational qualification in leadership. She has studied in USA and Singapore.

During her studies she also worked as a journalist. After the degree she started to work in Finnish Parliament as an assistant to one Member. This five year period gave a deep understanding of Finnish society and politics as well as large personal network. This background enabled her to run for the City Council of Kauhajoki in 2008 and was elected to be one of the 35 Members.
The past four years she has been responsible for the sales and marketing in Suupohjan Seutuverkko Oy which is a municipality owned open access FTTx-network in Western Finland. Besides marketing aspects she has also been involved in different EU- and national projects trying to promote the growth of open access FTTx-networks in Finland as well as in Europe. Right now she is positioned as an ICT project manager in the Economic Development Agency of Suupohja Region and she is responsible for example ENGAGE-project. Besides purely ICT related development projects she is also deepening her knowledge in two interesting issues: renewable energy and smart grids

Anne-Mari Leppinen
Project manager – ICT
Phone: +35 84 06 78 71 99
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Role in the project:
Project manager at partner level, Co-leader of the Component 3
In ENGAGE she is responsible of all the partner activities on behalf of SEK including all the work required under components 1,2 and 3. She is also member of the steering group. In addition, she is jointly responsible with ERNACT for the leading and coordination of the component 3.

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