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Andrej Kos

Andrej Kos graduated in 1996, defended his masters thesis in 1999 and his Ph. D. thesis in 2003, all at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. In 2003 he was elected Associate Professor for the field of electrotechnics and has held a combined post of a professor-researcher since 2007. His pedagogical work includes lectures in the fields of telecommunications and multimedia at graduate studies level of Telecommunications and Multimedia Communication in the first level of Bologna studies. He is also the holder of several subjects on the first, second and third level of Bologna reformed studies of electrotechnics. His research and scientific work focuses on telecommunications, multimedia and internet networks, systems on access, aggregation and backbone layer, testing, traffic analyses and sources optimization, driver protocols and development of convergent multimedia services. All of his research work has been valued through numerous articles in renowned publications. Andrej Kos participated in core project groups for the establishment of Slovenian Technology Network ICT as well as Center of Excellence ICT. He participated in the project group for the initiation of Ljubljana University Incubator and also continues to participate in the key project group of Technological Design Center. He co-authored one European patent and three European patent petitions, he is an active member of several domestic and international professional organizations and expert groups.

Andrej Kos
Associate Professor
Phone: +386 14 76 88 88
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Role in the project:
Partner project leader
Andrej Kos is ENGAGE project leader for the University of Ljubljana, responsible for technical and research expeertise about optimal technology deployment for broadband gap bridging.

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