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Economic Development Agency of Suupohja Region, SEK, is a municipal business development organization.

The member municipalities are Isojoki, Karijoki, Kurikka, Kauhajoki and Teuva. In addition SEK provides some services for surrounding municipalities, for example for Kristinestad and Honkajoki.

The strategic tasks of SEK are

  • Business services
  • Regional development services
  • Looking after regional interests, cooperation and marketing
  • Farm relief services

SEK maintains a regional business service desk in the Technology Centre Logistia in Kauhajoki and coordinates a regional business service network, so-called SEUTU YPP activity. SEK serves enterprises and becoming entrepreneurs. The regional business service desk provides business information, prepares business start-up measures and helps with drawing up project applications for different investors. The desk guides customers
also to other services. For enterprises SEK also offers consultant cheques for development operations and purchase of external services. SEK has annually about 600 customer contacts with enterprises. It helps on average 35–50 enterprises to start up every year.

The action of SEK enables business services also for example for metal, logistic and food sectors through agreement partners. SEK also maintains a regional immigration service desk INKA which serves enterprises in the Technology Centre Logistia. The activities in INKA are run by an immigration coordinator.

The regional development services of SEK aim at developing the region with the help of larger strategic development projects. The profit area is responsible for project activities, regional development
programmes, acquisition of external development financing, regional anticipation and other strategic planning in SEK.

The central development themes in regional development

  • Operational environment and knowhow of the leading branches of industry in the region
    Logistia / metal industry, furniture and housing, bio-food industry
  • New equipment of the digital economy
    social media, opportunities created by FTTx network
  • Search for new opportunities:
    Growth enterprise training (all branches of industry)
    Renewable energy solutions
    Utilization of creative sector opportunities in business

SEK participates annually in dozens of diverse development projects.

Economic Development Agency of Suupohja Region(SEK)
Teknologiapuisto 1
61800 Kauhajoki

Timo Vesiluoma
Department of Regional Development
Phone: +35 8405257207
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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