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Second staff exchange Second staff exchange Second staff exchange

Second staff exchange

Farmer with innovative and broad usage of ...


Second staff exchange

Staff exchange students in local village ...


Second staff exchange

Attendees (left) getting closer look at ...


Second staff exchange in Western Finland

Second ENGAGE staff exchange took place in South Ostrobothnia in Western Finland.

The visiting delegation included Aleksander Jazdowski and Maciek Bulkowski from self-government of the Warmiῄsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship in Northeast part of Poland.

For four days they got themselves deeper into the Finnish way of implementing open access FTTH-networks in rural area. The first two days they spent in Suupohja’s regional FTTH-network and received intensive training from the owning model to marketing, building and operating the network. They also visited city board meeting of Kauhajoki, village information event and end-customer. The customer visit was very impressive because it demonstrated how broadly farmers can use fibre.

In addition to Suupohja network, the attendees also visited another open access network, Kuuskaista. This enabled them to see two totally different ways of achieving the same goal. Suupohja network is owned by municipalities, uses point-to-point technique and does almost everything themselves from planning the routes to operating the network. Kuuskaista, on the other hand, is owned by customers themselves (co-operative), uses GPON and has outsourced pretty much everything. In between the networks, the attendees also got a brief introduction about the region from the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia.

© Photo"Staff exchange students in local village information event" by Tuomas Koivuniemi, Kauhajoki-lehti

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